During my last pregnancy, I was extremely sick...pretty much every day for 40 weeks. The only hour of relief I had was the hour massage I had with Karen, once a week. She is an artist at her trade, being able to provide pressure that is appropriate for the individual as she addresses their needs, so everyone gets a totally different massage. I would recommend her to anyone.
Becky Tucker, Owner Bell Fitness

Happy to say that we are scheduled for our next visit to Jackson Hole in February 2011. The highlight of each trip has always been a visit with you. While lecturing and teaching doctors and patients around the country, I have enjoyed many fine massage therapists; but none have quite measured up to your quality standards and techniques. My wife and I both look forward to spending time on your table again. Thanks for always keeping in touch and for the good work that you do.
David G. Lee, D.C., Ph.D., C.Ad., Wellness Revolution Clinics, Woodstock, GA

It has been my pleasure to know Karen and to be worked on by her for the last 7 years and I have found her to be the BEST massage therapist I have ever dealt with. I use her exclusively now and will sacrifice an immediate appointment with someone else if I know she can get me into her upcoming schedule because she is THAT good. I have given out gift certificates for her services and had 100% satisfied friends. This year I bought only certificates for myself so my treat for 2011 will be regular bodywork at Jackson Hole Massage Therapy with Karen for MYSELF.
Amy J. Robinson, Banker/Business Owner

Karen Rasmussen at JHMT has helped my body rid of kinks and stress associated with mountain sports and sitting in the editing room for days on end. Her approach to massage is gentle but confident, and much like an X-ray machine, she seems to be able to see into your body to find the root of the problem. Props to Karen & JHMT, Iíll definitely be going back!
Darrell Miller, Storm Show Studios, BMFWIC

Karen gives a great healing massage which is therapeutic and relaxing. Her expertise and caring touch can heal you right down to your soul!
Rhett J. Bain, Reel Deal Anglers

As an elite cyclist, I find myself sitting in the saddle pounding on the pedals for at least 600 hours per year. I don't stretch much and have a full time job standing on my feet all day. When it comes time to take care of myself, I go straight to Karen. Karen's knowledge and awareness are second to none.....she instantly recognizes the imbalance that cycling creates in my musculature. Karen is one of the few therapists (healers) that I trust to put my body on a path of recovery and re-growth. A trio of sessions with Karen and those 600 hours seem to erode away, leaving my body in total alignment. Karen's treatment ensures that I arrive at the start line with a rejuvenated, specific readiness, fully prepared to race against the likes of Lance Armstrong and the worldsí most competitive cyclists.
Kris Lunning, Professional Athlete

Karen Rasmussen is the best massage therapist in Jackson Hole. She has amazing recall of her client's preferences and physiology. With her background in orthopedic massage, she is able to identify problems and offer potential solutions - although she is always careful to refer clients to a physician for a diagnosis. I have found the simple stretching she suggests can save me a trip to the MD! Karen is attentive, responsive and intuitive. She is always the first massage therapist I recommend to family and friends in Jackson Hole.
Whitney Royster, 6 Year Client

Karen has given me the BEST massages! I have been to several massage therapists, and I have gone away feeling a bit better, but never fully relaxed or feeling like I received a REALLY good massage. Due to my physiology, I have to have deep muscle therapy. Karen has been the ONLY one that has been able to hit all of the spots, or at least the most spots, that didn't require additional visits. I allow more time if needed, and she has been able to schedule me at a time when additional lengths of visits would not hinder her or interfere in the type of Professional massage that is needed. I always go away feeling MUCH better than when I go in. The time actually flies when I am being massaged. Before I know it, the visit it winding down and I feel relaxed and more at peace mentally. Hope that others will be able to experience Karen's talents!!! She is GREAT!!
Huck (David T. Henneberry)

Karen helps your muscles let go. Itís like your muscles are floating on a cloud for several days after a massage. A magical experience. You leave feeling truly calm, and rejuvenated.
Kristen Todd

As a past member of the US Archery-Biathlon Team, I have had a lot of people work on me over the years. Simply put, Karen is the best. She knows her stuff. She has always been very knowledgeable, professional, and helped me stay injury free. I highly recommend her.
Dave Bergart, Professional Athlete

What I appreciate about Karenís work is that she has strong hands and a loving heart. That is a special combination.
Carol Mann


ďService is the act of doing what you love for the sake of loving it. This is the highest work you can do in the world. Service is the divine multiplier. When you perform an act of genuine service, giving of your time, energy, and resources as an act of love, the universe will multiply what you  do and reward you with greater results than expected.Ē

~ Iyanla Vanzant