Karen specializes in integrative therapeutic massage. She draws from an impressive array of skills in order to provide massage that is customized to each individual. Prior to treatment, Karen will conduct a brief consultation to ensure that all of her clients’ goals are met during the relaxing journey of receiving massage and bodywork.

Many of Karen’s clients have dramatically different goals, from orthopedic massage and injury recovery, sports and deep tissue to relaxation and stress reduction, reflexology, reiki, or sometimes, all of the above in one session.

As a certified orthopedic massage therapist, Karen has been professionally trained in properly assessing injuries and physical conditions. This allows her to determine if massage therapy is the most suitable course of treatment or if a client should be referred to a physical therapist or orthopedic physician.

Karen relies on the list of modalities below to return her clients to optimal functioning.

Injury Recovery
• Specific techniques to break up scar tissue and realign muscle fibers to speed recovery

Myofascial Release
• Works with the connective tissue to break up adhesions and stuck fibers

Deep Tissue
• Accesses deeper muscle layers in the body in order to break postural habits, work with injury recovery, post sports events or the active

Trigger Point Release
• Key to reducing pain or headaches in the body
• Using static pressure for short amounts of time can vanish trigger points, thereby vanishing pain and headaches

Pre/Post Sports Massage
• Pre sports massage warms and stimulates muscles for events while post sports massage encompasses deeper and slower techniques to lengthen muscles and release lactic acid and metabolic waste through the system for recovery
• Increases blood and lymph flow

• Powerful movement of long, slow strokes which help increase blood and lymph flow
• Increases muscle health
• Creates deeper levels of rest and relaxation

• Emphasizes use of potent essential oils during massage to aid in desired effect, such as relaxation or sore, tired muscles

• Ancient healing art
• Concentration on the feet to stimulate areas that correspond to the rest of the body promoting healing and well being

Pre/Post Natal Massage
• Works specific areas that are stressed during pregnancy
• Helps mom gain greater body awareness while getting her body back

Hot Stone Massage
• Heated river rocks are used in each hand during massage to heat muscles and melt tension away
• Deeply relaxing

Zen Shiatsu
• Japanese form of acupressure received in loose comfortable clothing
• Involves palm and finger pressure along meridians, or energy channels, to unblock energy or Chi/Qi
• Involves a lot of stretching and breath work

Reiki/Energy Work
• Special laying of the hands to increase energy flow, release tension and promote deeper relaxation

Stress Release
• Muscle testing techniques
• Aids in the release of built-up stress in the body

Breath Work
• Sometimes stress or injury can inhibit our ability to breathe deeply, causing more stress and oxygen-deprived, tight muscles
• Assisted breath work during massage allows deeper relaxation, increased oxygen and blood flow, decreased stress and healthier muscles


“Keeping your body healthy
is an expression of gratitude
to the whole cosmos- the trees,
the clouds, everything.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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